you guys should check out laura’s blog, just sayin’

allisonargernts: "no, you cant be her friend! SHE'S MINE!! and belongs to me!!!!!! we're soul mates. dont touch her get out, you cannot have her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

laura is right tho

Anonymous: "mandy, i want to be your friend."

of course you can be my friend!! let’s be friends, who are you?


i unfollowed a lot of blogs today because we don’t share the same interests anymore, so if you post any of the fandoms below please reblog this post so i can check out your blog:

  • teen wolf
  • doctor who
  • the hunger games
  • harry potter
  • game of thrones

make me choose: anonymous asked: derek’s alpha-ness or stiles’ facial expressions

allisonargernts: "bc u r perf, and bc of ur gorgeous gifs !!!!!!!!!!!!"

no, you are <3

Anonymous: "Cause I love your blog. And teen wolf. Haha."

haha thank you <3 

Anonymous: "why wouldn't i be following you!!! i love your blog so much and all the allison on it gives me the feels!"

thank you omg <3 allison though :(



I have such a weakness for characters who use snark and humor to cover up the fact that they feel like huge fuck ups but they’re actually heroes with hearts of gold and smart as all hell


Anonymous: "came for the AMAAAAZING gifs, stayed for your cute self ^^ xxxxx"

omg! thank you that’s so sweet <3

Great. Were all bloody inspired.

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