w h a t   a r e   y o u   s m i l i n g  a b o u t  ?

y o u ’ r e   g o i n g   t o   b e   g o o d   a t   t h i s .

Anonymous: "i think i misses your second reply to my problem :( i only saw that /post/92478140891/anon-convert-your-gif-to-video-timeline-then-covert-to but i don't have video timeline? i use cs5 extended :) help me please :( whatever i do doesn't seem to work :( i tried everything :( please explain how you did a bit :)"

since you don’t have the timeline option you’ll have to sharpen frame by frame 

The Holy Trinity of Beacon Hills Lacrosse 


man chris argent better have been saying that because he felt hunted by those other hunters and he was making a point that he was going to hunt them because i swear to god if he’s really tossing aside allison’s code i’m not gonna be a happy camper

for a moment i thought we’d get a “we protect those who can not protect themselves” but no….


derek doing what he doES BEST